Miss Ellie May of Jade's Fire Water "Ellie"

Age: 3 years old

Breed: Labrador Retriever, Black, Pointing

Owner: Alex Langbell

Location: Columbia Basin, Washington State

Expertise: Waterfowl 

Strengths: Speed, drive, awareness

Ellie is a 3 year-old black lab that has an incredible drive. She is a smaller framed lab with a ton of energy and obsession with waterfowl. She has always had an incredible demeanor even as a young gun dog. She has become the face of the company and has played a huge role it it's creation and our mission which was and still is keeping her and other gun dogs safe.  She is owned by GunDog Outdoors owner Alex Langbell an avid sportsman and firefighter/EMT. 



Kolaiah's Queen of the Duck Blind "JETTA"

Age: 6 year old

Breed: Labrador Retriever, Black, English

Owner: Bailee Miller

Location: Mondovi, Wisconsin

Expertise: Waterfowl/Certified Therapy Dog

Strengths - Slow and steady.  Great cold weather dog. Will always get the bird.

Jetta is owner Bailee's first bird dog. Bailee's dream as a little girl was to have her own gun dog. Bailee finally reached her dream by bringing Jetta into her life. Jetta was the perfect first dog for Bailee. Intelligent, great disposition, and tons of natural instinct. According to Bailee, Jetta has exceeded her expectations. "Not only did I train her, but she trained me. The things she does are beyond my training and purely instinctive such as, diving for wounded birds, finding birds that have sailed across a river onto land, retrieving 3-4 birds at a time. She is simply amazing." Bailee is an avid waterfowler and a certified veterinarian technician.




Full Throttles Sassy Duck Queen "Willow"

Age: 4

Breed: Labrador Retriever, Black

Owner: Garth Breitkreuz

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada

Expertise: Waterfowl/Hunt Tests

Strengths: Drive, speed, awareness

Willow comes from a strong hunt test trial pedigree and is a 60 pound ball of fire. She was able to acquire an AKC master hunt test title at a very young age. She is a very outgoing and extremely gifted dog with a, one-of-a-kind personality, on and off the field. She loves chasing big geese and ducks in Saskatchewan during the hunting season and training and hunting pigeons during the off-season. She is owned by owner Garth Breitkreuz, an avid outdoorsman that loves taking her on adventures all over North America.




Tidewater's Flockstalker "Ryder"

Age: 2

Breed: Golden Retriever

Owner: Lucas Kennedy

Location: Ontario, Canada

Expertise: Waterfowl

Strengths: Drive, perseverance, receptiveness to learning, patience.

Ryder is a 2 year old Golden Retriever who brings lots of joy to everyone in the field as well as at home. He's an intelligent, 80 pound boy with a lot of drive. He is willing to do anything, but also has an awesome off switch. His determined, never give up attitude impresses everyone he hunts with and his patience in the blind, happy personality, and overall behavior is something that everyone always appreciates. Ryder is owned by Lucas Kennedy, an avid outdoorsman that is new to the gun dog world but can't get enough of it. "I've finally found something I'm truly so passionate about and Ryder makes it so easy! We train 5 days a week in the off season, and watching it all come together in the fall is an indescribable feeling that only a waterfowler/dog handler can understand."




Kolaiah's SuperNova "Nova"

Age: 2 year old

Breed: Labrador Retriever, Black, English

Owner: Bailee Miller

Specialty - Waterfowl/Upland bird/Show

Nova is a young, well-rounded retriever. She has quickly become a force in the marsh and the woods. When she is not hunting she spends her time doing hunt tests and dog shows. Her owner 
Bailee is an avid waterfowler and a certified veterinarian technician. She tells us, "SuperNova is insane. She has more drive than I could imagine and the best nose of any dog I’ve seen. She went on her first hunt at 7 months old and acted like she had been doing it her whole life."