We are proud to be partnered up with the following organizations and the character behind each one of them. 


The official ammunition of Gundog Outdoors. Who is BOSSShotshells? Mad scientists. Hopelessly obsessed waterfowlers with serious turkey problems. Honest, pro 2A, red-blooded Americans who don’t hunt for likes and followers, we hunt because that’s all we’ve ever known. That’s the #unmuzzled Bossmen, in a nutshell.


Operation NPLB provides wounded combat veterans with various outdoor experiences including but not limited to off-shore fishing, hunting trips, competition shooting, boating, camping, retreats, as well as financial aid and other necessary supports.

Operation NPLB Outdoors has no paid employees at this time, so all Net Proceeds go directly back to helping the veterans READ MORE




HP Outdoors was founded in 2011 by co-owners Dan Hruska and Josh Palm, and is committed to producing the highest quality waterfowl related podcasts, photography, and videos available. Follow our team of dedicated and passionate outdoorsmen as we take to the field each year in pursuit of adventure. 


Fowl Feathers Hunt Club is a self-guided, private, progressive hunting and gun club organized around the interests of waterfowlers with integrity and sportsmanship sharing their passion.