Skin Stapler
Skin Stapler

Skin Stapler

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The GDO skin stapler is a one time use sterile skin stapler with the following features.

  • 35 staples preloaded
  • Individually sterile
  • Lever action staplers are the most popular design on the market
  • Distinctive staple shuttling feature greatly reduces track friction, a primary cause of jamming
  • Short trigger stroke for ease of use and nonstop feed
  • Handle design comfortably fits a wide range of hand sizes
  • Angled head allows visibility of incision to ensure precise staple placement during operation
  • Arrow indicator assists in accurate staple alignment
  • Staple count indicator allows you to view staples remaining to help minimize waste
  • Quality construction and simple design assure reliable consistent performance.
  • Staple lines are more likely to prevent leakage of blood or air
  • Regular staples measure 5.4mm x 3.6mm; Wide Staples measure 7mm x 4mm

We highly recommend you talk to your veterinarian or do your research before purchasing a skin stapler. Like any wound, if it is not taken care of properly there is a chance getting an infection. Not all veterinarians suggest using a skin stapler.


Before using the skin stapler we suggest having someone assist you by holding the injured dog. Make sure to wear gloves to prevent getting germs from your hands into the wound. If you don’t have gloves, wash your hands and try to avoid touching the open wound.

  • Trim any long hair around the wound as close to the skin as possible using the trauma shears
  • Clean the area thoroughly with antiseptic wipes.
  • Starting on one end of the cut, using the tweezers, pinch the skin together and place a  staples approximately .5 to 1 cm apart.
  • After the wound is closed, apply a generous amount of antibiotic ointment over the entire wound.
  • Using a gauze pad, cover the wound, wrapping it with either a self adhesive bandage or a roll of gauze and tape. The wound should be kept clean and dry.

We highly recommend you take the dog to your veterinarian for professional medical treatment as soon as possible bringing the stapler with you. The veterinarian probably  will prescribe the dog antibiotics to prevent any infection.  The wound should be kept dry and clean and bandaging should be cleaned twice a day. Staples should be removed 7 -10 days once all oozing or drainage of the wound is no longer present. Wound should be completely closed prior to removal. Once the stapler has been used dispose of it.