The launch of GunDog Outdoors

Having 38 years of waterfowling experience, a person can’t help but be part of the the history and evolution of the modern sport of waterfowling. I’ve watched as hunters constantly come up with different ways to trick their migrating counter parts in order to fill straps of fowl faster and more regularly. From the evolution of the decoy, to the precise design of the 21st century duck and goose call. From no camouflage, to computer generated patterns that are supposed to make you practically invisible to the bird’s eye. From a simple pull string, to a controversial spinning wing decoy, one has to wonder if there’s no limit we will go to, to take a limit of greenheads. But because Mother Nature is unexplainably relentless in her protection of her creatures, they all eventually adapt. One could say they adapt faster to survival than man does in our evolution of modernized waterfowling. One thing that I have witnessed through the last four decades of sitting in a blind, is how we have excelled in making waterfowl hunting more comfortable and safer for man. From fleece lined waders, to electronic hearing protection, we have done an amazing job protecting the human hunter. But one thing I have also noticed is how we humans so often disregard the safety and well-being of our “so called” best friend, the hunting dog. We allow them to sit in freezing water retrieving our birds without as much as giving them a piece of food to provide them the energy they need to prevent hypothermia. We shoot over their heads as they break to chase our birds hopefully with only hearing loss as the long term effect.

Having owned retrievers my entire life, they are so much more to me than a four legged tool. They mean so much to the sport of fowling, to kids, to adults, to our families. Their only desire in life is to please us unconditionally in return for love.  

In 2018 I finally decided to do something more. I decide to create a company that will hopefully bring awareness to better protecting our canine hunting parters throughout the sport. I invented my first product (with many more to come) that provides safety to the modern gun dog. It’s a patent pending system that secures a dog in practically any hunting environment, keeping them and their excitement in check while out in the field. It quickly releases them when YOU want them to go, preventing them from being shot over, losing their hearing, or even worse, accidentally breaking into the line of fire, which unfortunately and sadly happens every year. As my company grows I promise you, we will build gear that will make It safer and more comfortable for the modern day GunDog. 

                        Alex Langbell    
                             Gundog Outdoors 

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