About Us

GunDog Outdoors is company that is focused on the safety and comfort of the hunting dog. Owner Alex Langbell has spent the last 18 years in the hunting industry as a hunting guide, outdoor TV co-host/producer and writer. He has hunted waterfowl across North America for the last 40 years owning hunting dogs his entire life. He has spent the last 25 years as a professional firefighter/EMT currently holding the rank as Training/EMS Captain for the Yakima Fire Department located in central Washington State. His entire career has been focused on safety and safety of others. 

With his years of experience in waterfowling, he has seen and witnessed numerous injuries to dogs, some that could have been prevented. He come to realize there was a lack of awareness and practice of gun dog safety. He soon made it his mission to educate others in the importance of practicing gun dog safety.

Soon after, he designed his first patented product, the anchor product for his company, The Quick Release Safety System, which was designed to keep dogs from breaking while teaching them to be steady in a hunting situation. That was the beginning of GunDog Outdoors with the mission is to bring awareness of safety to gun dog owners and new hunters.   

                                                                                                            ~ GunDog Outdoors