Quick Release Safety System

GDO QUICK-RELEASE SAFETY SYSTEM is a patented training restraint system used to keep your dog from breaking. It can be used to teach your gundog to be steady or be used in practically any hunting scenario, keeping your dog from breaking, scaring landing birds or worse, running in front of gun fire. The system comes with a lead that can be adjust from 3' to 6' and can be used alone as a normal leash. The leash can be secured to pretty much anything and can be used on medium to large sized dogs with out a collar. The quick release shackle is marine grade and comes with a 6' tether that releases your gundog with a simple pull of the cord. It also comes with a ground anchor designed to quickly insert into soft ground or can be driven into frozen ground. The titanium stakes are 8" long, (inspired by ice climbers tent stakes) that will easily pull out of frozen ground. The stakes are light weight and virtually indestructible. The entire system is stored in a fashionable GUNDOG OUTDOORS LOGO polyester drawstring pouch. The entire system is designed so as not to shine in sunny conditions. This system comes in either brown on black or all black. It comes with a one year warranty.

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