Field Trauma Kit
Field Trauma Aid Kit
Field Trauma Aid Kit
Field Trauma Aid Kit
Field Trauma Aid Kit
Field Trauma Aid Kit
Field Trauma Aid Kit
Field Trauma Aid Kit

Field Trauma Aid Kit

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The GDO Field Trauma Kit was designed by professional waterfowl hunter and firefighter/EMT Alex Langbell. He designed this kit specifically for working dogs and hunting dogs. With over 36 years of hunting dog experience and 25 years as an Emergency Medical Technician, Alex has seen every type of injury that can happen to hunting dogs (and humans). 

With his years of medical and hunting experience he has created the perfect aid kit to address any kind of traumatic injury that can happen to a dog. This kit will treat cuts, abrasions, bleeding, puncture wounds, sprains/strains, eye injuries, thorns and quills, hyperthermia (heat exhaustion), hypothermia (cold weather exposure), which is one of the biggest injuries in waterfowl. 

It also will guide you through the steps of what to do if your dog goes into seizures or gets bitten by a snake. Unlike many of the cheap pet aid kits out on the market, the equipment included in this kit is US medical grade used by first responders across the country. In fact, you can use the equipment to treat any injury a human may incur.  Also included is a veterinarian approved Emergency Field Trauma Guide to quickly reference and treat any injury that may occur. The kit is made of waterproof material and almost everything in the kit is waterproof. The kit fits in most blind bags and designed to be able to be attached to a belt or slide into a hunting vest. This is a no nonsense no BS kit that will give you piece of mind if anything were to happen to your hunting partner.

Kit includes the following items:

1 Pack Celox (Blood Clotting Agent)

1 Tourniquet for K9s

2 Sterile Gauze Bandage Rolls

1 Self Adhesive Bandage Wrap

4 Gauze Sponges

1 Roll Medical Tape

10 Antiseptic Wipes

6 Antiseptic Ointment

1 Tweezer

1 Trauma Scissors

1 Forceps 

2 Pair Latex Gloves

1 Hot Pack

1 Cold Pack

1 Sterile Saline Eye Wash

1 Tampon (For puncture wounds)

1 Emergency Blanket

1 Emergency Care Field Guide

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"I just wanted to reach out and tell you that I really appreciate the field trauma kit. I have a limited knowledge of canine trauma treatment but man let me tell you, having a kit that is put together as well as this is, brings an unreal level of confidence when it come to bringing my dog and clients out. After 12 years in the military it was surprising how closely this resembles our individual first aid kits and the ease of knowing where everything was at in the kit brought a level of reassurance that I didn't know I lacked. Bottom line is this is a phenomenal product that I am so glad have but hope I never have to do and a huge kudos to for creating this!"                                                                       Zach Poe                                        Hunting Guide                        Waterfowl Assassins